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Even With All The Bad Publicity Top Advisors Are Still Collecting A Million Dollars Of Annuity Premiums Monthly

With all the controversy and bad publicity about indexed annuities, surrender charges and unethical sales practices are you having trouble attracting qualified annuity prospects to you? Are you having trouble setting appointments and closing sales with retirees? Would you like to know how the top annuity producers are easily overcoming these problems?

During the past several weeks we've had a flood of advisors calling us because their annuity seminars, newspaper ads, and direct mail programs aren't getting the results they used to get. These advisors are either looking for: a new foolproof way to generate annuity leads, preset annuity appointments, a new dynamic sales approach, a new exciting PowerPoint seminar presentation… or they're looking to get into an entirely new market.

After talking with these advisors it obvious to me as to what their problem is. However, most of these advisors don't want to hear it. And, when they do hear it, they don't believe it.


Here’s What You Do To Get Off To The Quickest Start Selling Life Insurance!

There are several exciting and dynamic life insurance selling systems available today that will help you to close large life insurance sales. There's the LEAP, Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking and Circle of Wealth Systems, along with the various 'College Funding', 'Equity Management' and 'Mortgage Early Payoff' sales systems, just to name a few. All of these systems may be fine ways for you to learn how to sell lots of life insurance, once you are in front of a prospect. Regrettably, the vast majority of these systems are primarily just a sales system… and NOT a real marketing, or a lead generation system. Yes, they'll give you one or two ways to generate leads that has worked for the creators of the system, like running ads in the newspaper, sending out post cards, or buying leads. However, the lead generation methods they use do not work for everyone, in every part of the country. And, they tend to be very expensive to implement. And, no matter how g…

Credit insurance dries up for exporters (

Insurance News -
2 hours 55 min ago

the global financial crisis hurting more companies in developed
countries, Indian insurance firms have hiked premium rates by 25-30 per
cent for export credit insurance covers and have imposed a host of
restrictions such as maximum liability and credit limit in case of
single buyers.

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