Mar 31, 2009

Even With All The Bad Publicity Top Advisors Are Still Collecting A Million Dollars Of Annuity Premiums Monthly

With all the controversy and bad publicity about indexed annuities, surrender charges and unethical sales practices are you having trouble attracting qualified annuity prospects to you? Are you having trouble setting appointments and closing sales with retirees? Would you like to know how the top annuity producers are easily overcoming these problems?

During the past several weeks we've had a flood of advisors calling us because their annuity seminars, newspaper ads, and direct mail programs aren't getting the results they used to get. These advisors are either looking for: a new foolproof way to generate annuity leads, preset annuity appointments, a new dynamic sales approach, a new exciting PowerPoint seminar presentation… or they're looking to get into an entirely new market.

After talking with these advisors it obvious to me as to what their problem is. However, most of these advisors don't want to hear it. And, when they do hear it, they don't believe it.

There is a simple reason why the top annuity producers across the country are not having, or even seeing the problems that most of the other advisors are having. There is a 'little' secret they know and use. A secret that when most advisors hear it, they just think it can't be that easy.

Would you like to know the 'little' secret to success in annuity sales? (And success in any sales for that matter!)

In almost every article we've had published during the past 9 years, we've revealed the 'little' secret, and unfortunately only about one in hundred agents ever picks up on this secret and uses it. All the best sales and marketing trainers are always telling people about this 'little' secret for whatever product they are selling. Yet very few people ever truly understand the power of it, and use it.

Here's the little secret… if you want to have more annuity prospects than you can possibly handle, set more appointment and close more sales:

"Then you must stop selling people a product, and instead help people to identify, understand and solve THEIR problems!"

How many times have you read, or been told about this 'little' secret? This 'little' secret is what sets the top producers apart from everyone else, in all the sales fields.

Some agents seemed to have learned this 'little' secret, are successfully using it in their lead generation programs, and they are attracting tons of prospects. However, then they blow it in their seminars, workshops and approaches, because they revert back to pushing a product. Then they wonder why people won't set an appointment with them. And, then during the few appointments they do get, they push a product and wonder why they can't close the sale.

If the prospect doesn't see and understand the problems they are facing? If they don't see how you can help them to solve their problems, then why should they waste their time contacting you, set an appointment with you, or buy your products?

If you're just another annuity sales person selling a product, then why would they refer their friends, family or business associates to you?

If you want to succeed in annuity sales, and collect an million dollars of annuity premiums every month, then you must help people to identify, understand and solve THEIR problems through EVERY PHASE of the sales process!

In every phase of the sales process you must be discussing how these retirees can make their money last during their ENTIRE retirement years, with safety and guarantees. It's about you addressing their real concerns about outliving their money, and helping them to improve their lives. It's helping these people to understand how you can help them to beat inflation, reduce income taxes, minimize investment risks, protect their income from the devastation of long-term care and replacing lost income when a spouse dies.

Lew and Jeremy Nason
"The Nine Out Of Ten Guys"

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Discounts One Can Get On Car Insurance

Car insurance as the name suggests is an insurance which is purchased to insure a car. The insurance company pays for the damage occurred due to accidents. Some insurance companies also pay for theft also. Also many companies cover damage to the person driving the car. Many companies provide quotes before purchasing insurance. These quotes contain information about what you are paying for.

One can get many discounts from various companies on different insurances. These discounts can be easily understandable when a person gets through many insurance quotes. This article focuses on different discounts that can be achieved in various states. These discounts are not fixed and not every insurance company provides them. One should contact the insurance company agent and ask him if their company provide these discounts. Some of the common discounts which various companies provide are: -

1. Some companies provide heavy discounts if you buy insurance for multiple vehicles. For example if the cost of insurance of two individual cars is $700 each, one can get a heavy discount if he insures both vehicles together. These discounts can be up to 40% i.e. one can get insured both cars at $1000.
2. If a person drives his car less or one uses his car only for going from his home to office, one can get discount according to low mileage policy. One can get discount up to 20% according to this.
3. If a person uses his cars for only visiting purposes i.e. he uses public transportation for his daily services, he or she can get discounts up to 20%.
4. When a drives has no accident history, some companies provide discounts under a policy known as safe driver discounts. One can maintain a good driving report by driving safely and responsibly.
5. A student can get a discount up to 30% according to policy good student discounts.
6. A company can get discounts for their employees if they insure their vehicles all together in their name. These discounts are counted under group discounts. Some insurance companies also provide discounts to club members. These discounts can be up to 10%.
7. If your car has automatic safety feature for preventing damage due to accidents, some companies may offer you discounts on their policy known as discounts for cars having automatics safety features.
8. If your car have anti-theft protection you may get huge discounts as your car has very less chances to be stolen.
These discounts come under policy known as discounts for cars having anti-theft devices.

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Here’s What You Do To Get Off To The Quickest Start Selling Life Insurance!

There are several exciting and dynamic life insurance selling systems available today that will help you to close large life insurance sales. There's the LEAP, Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking and Circle of Wealth Systems, along with the various 'College Funding', 'Equity Management' and 'Mortgage Early Payoff' sales systems, just to name a few. All of these systems may be fine ways for you to learn how to sell lots of life insurance, once you are in front of a prospect. Regrettably, the vast majority of these systems are primarily just a sales system… and NOT a real marketing, or a lead generation system. Yes, they'll give you one or two ways to generate leads that has worked for the creators of the system, like running ads in the newspaper, sending out post cards, or buying leads. However, the lead generation methods they use do not work for everyone, in every part of the country. And, they tend to be very expensive to implement. And, no matter how good their selling system is, if their lead generation method (s) doesn't put you in front of the 'Right' high quality prospects everyday, the system is almost worthless.

It's the same with many of the career life insurance companies. They have some of the best life insurance products, and they provide you with good training on how to sell their products. Unfortunately, they do not have a good marketing system that puts you in front of good prospects, everyday. Their idea of marketing is for you to do a 'Project 100', and try to sell 100 or more of your family, closest friends and other people you know. And then when you are done contacting those people, and you've made a few sales, you are supposed to have a ton of referrals to keep you going. However, it rarely works out that way, for most people.

Now, I agree, there are a few people who will purchase one of these sales systems, or join a career company and will have phenomenal success. But, as we all know, 85 percent of the agents and advisors in this industry are struggling to make a mediocre living. But, it doesn't have to be that way for you!

So, how do you get off to the quickest start selling life insurance and keep it going.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were one, or maybe two marketing strategies (lead generation methods) that will work for everyone, in every area in the country? But, would you agree that everyone's situation is different? Some people have more money behind them for marketing, than others. There are people who are already well known and respected in their community, or are active members in various civic groups. Some people are good speakers, love to talk in front of groups, or have an outgoing personality. There are people who are good on the phone and those that absolutely hate it.

And, there are some parts of the country where newspaper ads or postcards work great. There are some communities that are flooded with seminars or educational workshops, and others that don't have any. Some communities are struggling financially, more than others. In some towns, you can hold educational workshops in libraries, other don't allow them at all.

And, the worst part is that what may work today… May not work tomorrow!

Are you getting the point?

If you want to get off to the quickest start possible selling life insurance and keep it going, then you must have several marketing systems available to you, with all the tips, tools and training you need to make these systems work for you.

And, you'll need one more thing… A Coach!

It's very difficult for most people to determine and choose the best marketing method for their situation. There are too many variables. Too many mistakes you can make. And, what if you waste a lot of your time, and all your money by choosing the wrong method, or doing it wrong?

An experienced coach can help you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses to help you to determine what marketing program will work the best for you, short and long term based on your situation and area. And, they can help you to fine-tune the process to minimize any costly mistakes.

We can all benefit from the outside perspective of someone watching our moves closely, especially if that person has the skills and experience in the activity that's being coached. A coach can provide you with the structure and accountability you need week after week to discover and fine-tune the best marketing methods to guarantee your success.

Lew and Jeremy Nason
"The Nine Out Of Ten Guys"

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Auto Insurance Brokers - Can They Really Save You Money on Car Insurance?

Auto insurance brokers are the people that can actually write insurance policies. They are the ones that are licensed to operate an insurance agency and they are also the ones that hire and train the auto insurance agents that staff most agencies. They are typically licensed by the state and have more experience than the agents working under them, but can they save you money?

The answer is yes they can save you money, but not as much money as you could save yourself if you were to shop for your car insurance online. Some auto insurance brokers specialize in finding low quotes for their customers and for many years this was the only way to find a great deal on car insurance.

Now consumers have another option; they can shop online for their car insurance and cut out the middle man. Shopping for an auto insurance policy online is the surest way to find the best deal on car insurance.

The reason for this is that when you shop online for vehicle insurance you are able to view quotes from multiple companies. Car insurance is a very competitive industry so the companies will do their best to earn your business. As always competition benefits the consumer.

The car insurance quotes you receive from the competing companies will be estimates based on how you answer certain questions so to get the most accurate quotes it is important to answer the initial questions as completely and accurately as possible.

After you review the quotes and find the one to your liking make sure that it offers you the coverage level that you need before purchasing it. If everything looks good then you will have found the least expensive car insurance for which you are qualified and you should give yourself a pat on the back.

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Do Not Skimp On Your Landlords Insurance

With the country well into its worst recession for some considerable time – although nobody knows how long it will last – property owners may find that some tenants are facing financial difficulties.

Residential landlords could see tenants losing their jobs and having to rely on state benefits to pay their rent – which is okay if the money reaches the property owner. Whilst owners of commercial property could see tenants going out of business – in which case there is generally nobody who will pick up the tab.

Worse still, the landlord may have to cover such items as insurance and business rates, with no income to cover them. As a result, this could lead to some property owners seeking to save money in any way possible and looking at their landlords insurance costs could be one of these.

But with the cost of commercial fire claims last year 15 per cent higher than 2007 – and domestic fire costs up 17 per cent – there are significant dangers in looking at property owners' insurance as an optional extra. Insurance is there to provide protection against financial loss resulting from major events that cannot be prevented. In theory, cost can be reduced by excluding some covers such as subsidence and similar perils. But to do so at a time of financial uncertainty can expose the property owner to the risk of having to find massive amounts of money to reinstate damage that is by no means a remote possibility. For example, weather patterns over the past few years have been so different that the risk of ground subsidence is probably higher now than at any stage for a decade or more.

Accidental damage – as opposed to the more traditional risks – might look like an add-on that can be done without. However, this picks up a number of events that would fall outside the scope of most ordinary insurance covers and is therefore not only a way of protecting against unpredictable events, but is also an excellent way of reducing the time involved in negotiating a claim, as there is less scope for an insurance company to claim cover does not apply.

One of the most common mistakes people can make is to assume that, because the market value of their property is falling, the insurance sum insured can be cut. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth; there is no relationship between what a property can be sold for and what it would cost to replace, if destroyed. Rebuilding costs tend to rise at least with inflation and when market values are falling, the gap widens. There is no scope for cutting sums insured unless rebuilding costs fall. In fact, to cut the sum insured could result in significant financial loss, just at a time when rental income is less. This is simply because the insurance company is well within its rights to refuse to pay the full amount of a claim, if the sum insured does not reflect full rebuilding costs – even on a relatively small case.

Where rent cover is a proportion of the sum insured, this would be automatically reduced if the sum insured falls; where it is a separate item, reducing it just because the property is untenanted – or no rent can be collected – is not viable. This is due to in the event of a claim, the insurance company could easily protest that there is underinsurance and slash a settlement.

Of course, nobody likes to consider the possibility of someone they know deliberately harming their property. But it is a sad fact that incidences of malicious damage by tenants is on the increase – when times are hard, this could increase, so considering this form of cover is a necessity, not a luxury.

Reviewing your landlords insurance is always a good idea, but this should be done in the light of ensuring that adequate cover exists, at the right (not necessarily the cheapest) cost. Insuring commercial premises for property owners is a specialised area and you should always ask your insurance advisers what experience they have of dealing in this sector.

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